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Walking around with a large sum of money doesn’t really spell out “safe”. So it’s understandable if your prefer to use your bank card when traveling to a new place. However, there is a downside. ATM fees build up and sometimes you find yourself inside a castle of debt, fearing you may never climb out. Learn different ways to avoid paying bank fees while traveling to your next vacation spot.

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Find your bank

Go to your bank’s official website. Check to see if they have a bank located in the city you’re traveling to. If applicable, make it a habit to stop by that location whenever you need to reload your funds in cash. Try to book your hotel nearby so that you don’t spend too much time commuting to the bank.

Do a little research

Some financial institutions have perks directly related to eliminating the cost of ATM fees. For instance, Bank of America is part of the Global ATM Network that will allow you to withdraw money from any of the other banks within the network without any extra charges to you. Charles Schwab also offers a nice benefit to cardholders. Any ATM fees that you incur while withdrawing from other financial institutions will be refunded back to you as long as you use the Schwab Bank Visa® Platinum check card. Check if your bank has similar perks when using your current debit card. If not, consider signing up for a card that does waive all fees on your withdrawals.

Get cash back

Many stores will allow you to get cash back at the register when purchasing a product with your debit card. This is a great method in the sense that, if you were planning to purchase something in the store anyway, why not grab some extra cash with it? You may not necessarily want anything but paying a couple cents for a pack of gum and getting cash back, comes out cheaper than the ATM’s 3.75$ service fee. Saving a couple of bucks and keeping your breath fresh sounds like a bargain.

Avoid unnecessary charges

The best way to avoid paying hefty bank fees is not using the debit or credit card in the first place. Spending money while traveling is inevitable. However, there are certain things that you should never have to pay for while on vacation. For example, you should not have to shell out money to pay for emergency medical expenses that incur while you are away on vacation. When you secure a Single Trip Travel Plan, all of your emergency medical expenses will be covered for you.

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