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Julia and Adrien are a young French couple on a world tour. They decided to spend several months in Australia and New Zealand on two Working Holiday Visas.In this interview they talk about their plans and what made them decide to make this trip.

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Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

We are Julia and Adrien, we are both 24 and have been together for 2 years. We finished our studies quite recently and decided to go on an adventure before tackling the serious stuff!

What are your plans?

To travel round the world to find out how things are "out there". Rather than watching it on TV, we wanted to go ourselves and make up our own minds.

Our itinerary? First destination: Hong Kong for a week and then Bangkok, Singapore and Bali for 3 weeks. Most of our trip is in Australia: 6 months to travel round the East Coast and get jobs with our Working Holiday Visa. Then head to New Zealand for three months and explore and work there too. Finally, we’re off to the United States taking in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York and then dropping in on Montreal to finish!

Why a WHV in Australia?

When you take a year out after university, try as you might to save, you know you’ll need to work along the way. The WHP will give us the opportunity to improve our finances but will also allow us to gain new work experience abroad which can always be put to use again in France! On top of that, Australia is a country that has always attracted us with its cool lifestyle, its climate and the beauty of its landscapes! With the WHP we can enjoy it for longer than with just a tourist visa!

Why a WHV in New Zealand?

Another country that attracts us hugely with its contrasts, its landscapes and culture. So, we wanted to discover the country "from within" not just as tourists but as workers. We just wanted to find another way of getting to know people!

How did you discover APRIL International Expat?

First, when we were looking at the kind of insurance we’d need if something went wrong during our trip. Then, on the link on the website, Let'sgo2 Australia.

Anything to add?

Yes, you can follow our adventures on Once Upon A Trip!

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