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Saving money is fun, especially when you’re doing it while you travel. A hotel reservation is usually the most expensive part of the trip so, it would be ideal to find a way to cut down hotel cost. Not sure how to do that? Try some these tips to help you stick to your vacation budget.

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Book off-season

The travel business is all about supply and demand. When availability decreases, booking prices increase; and viceversa, when there’s more vacancy (typically when most people aren’t traveling) the less you’ll have to cough up for a hotel room. Try finding a reservation when customers are sparse. Avoiding busy seasons will keep your hotel rates low.

Visit tourist destinations during week days

The number of crowds skyrocket during the weekends. If you are visiting a big touristic spot, make your reservations for middle of the week. You will not only save big but also, enjoy your vacation more with less people in the way.

Weekends aren’t always a bad choice

Not all places are more expensive to book on the weekends. Some hotels receive most of their reservations from travelers on business trips. These particular resorts or lodges often offer attractive deals for weekend stays.

Book from the hotel’s own website

Take a look at the hotel’s website before comparing prices on third-party sites like Expedia or Priceline. There may be specials and extra perks available by booking through their website. Calling is also a great idea, hotel representatives will be able to tell you the latest updates before they are up on the web.

Don’t bother making reservations

If you are traveling during the off-season, consider going to your travel destination without any hotel reservations. You can find plenty of small boutique places that offer reduced prices when there are vacant rooms available for the night. Forget about booking ahead of time. Go on an adventure, enjoy the thrill of mystery and scavenger hunt for the best deal in town.

Get a free hotel room

There are certain scenarios in which you should never have to pay for a hotel room. Especially when something out of your control hinders your ability to get to your reservation on time. Don’t pay for a room that was not even used the prior evening. With an Annual Multi Trip insurance plan, you can receive a free room should there be an unforeseen event that interrupts your travels.

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