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Each airport is different and there is nothing worse than losing your luggage, so we recommend that you use these tricks to not be taken by surprise and learn how to make your luggage stand out to avoid it getting lost.

Unless you have HOP (the bluetooth controlled suitcase that follows you), then chances of your luggage getting lost are quite high. These unexpected and unfortunate events happen either prior to travel because you forget your luggage somewhere, after checking it in with the airline or when it comes time to collect it from the luggage belt. It is frustrating to travelers around the world but everyone’s luggage is susceptible to getting lost at some point during travel and here we identify ways to lower the risk. Let’s learn how.

A great choice: luggage tags. You must include an identification tag for each piece of luggage, including your name, country you belong to, your email address and your phone number. This tag can be done on a sticker, using paper or cardboard and placed inside a transparent compartment that typically is attached to the luggage when you purchase the piece. It is important to include a label with the same data also within the suitcase. Thus, if you lose your luggage and it is found by a person in good faith, they will contact you to return it.

Another alternative is to choose bags with bright colors so as not to lose sight and which makes them much more easily identifiable on the luggage belt.

A third option to make your luggage more easily identifiable is to attach it with personal details, such as a bright tape, ribbon or sticker. In this way we will distinguish even between similar luggage of other passengers. In particular if your bag is black, a dull color or a very common model, customizing it will be useful for you and other travelers. Another way to creatively identify your luggage is by painting it, adding a photo somewhere or with a pattern that is unique and helps you to identify from others’ luggage.

If you choose to protect your suitcase with a plastic wrap that is offered in many airports, it is important that on top of this wrapping you distinguish the suitcase with some identifier. One example would be to place a colored tape on this wrap and write your personal information in pen on this tape. This also helps to identify the suitcase, if needed, from a distance.

After taking these steps to reduce the possibility of your suitcase from getting lost during travels, if your suitcase does get lost you can feel reassured that it was not your fault and you took as many possible precautions.

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