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What hours do doctors work and how much does a consultation cost in Australia? Is the treatment prescribed good quality? Here is some useful information about medical services in Australia.  

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Seeing a doctor in australia

When can you see a doctor in Australia?
Generally, doctors’ opening hours are: 
Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 or 18.00, depending on the doctor.
Saturday mornings from 9.00 to 12.00.
In all cases, it is generally advised to make an appointment.
How much does it cost?
If you are covered by Medicare, consultations are free but only with doctors with a “Bulk billing”sign on the door and with a Medicare card. Choose your doctor carefully.
However, if you do not have Medicare cover, you will generally pay:
for a consultation with a GP: from €20 to €45 maximum,
for a consultation with a specialist: €120 for the first consultation (longer than the others) and €60 for subsequent ones.
Rates are set by the Australian Government.
There is a charge for emergency services.
How good is the quality of care?
The infrastructure is easily accessible and the quality of care in both the public and private sectors is very good. Health workers are skilled.
The network of medical specialists is also well developed and easily accessible.
What languages do doctors speak?
All doctors speak English. However, very few of them speak French. To see a French-speaking doctor, it is best to contact the French Embassy in Australia for addresses and telephone numbers.
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