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Whether you have a DSLR, a compact camera or an iPhone, chances are that you will want to take photos of your travels to remember them by. Here are 10 tips for capturing amazing shots regardless of the type of camera you have.

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Understand your camera

This might sound obvious, but many people begin to explore their camera once they are already on their travels. Spend some time learning about your camera before you leave. Understanding its functions and capabilities prior to your departure will enable you to be quicker and better than you would be on the contrary.

Take lots of photos

Take as many as you can and capture the same subject from various angles. You can sift through all your photos when you return home. The more images you take, the more likely you are to find a gem amongst them.

Don’t put your camera away

Keep your camera close, to ensure that you are ready for any and every opportunity that comes your way. But have a safe place for storage: Protecting your investments should always be a priority. Purchasing a protective case and an insurance plan for your camera should be just as important as securing travel insurance for your trip.

Take advantage of the golden hours

Just after dawn and right before sunset are the best times of day for natural lighting. Anyone can use this to their advantage by heading to places of interest at these times and utilizing the golden hours.

The rule of thirds

Imagine that your camera screen is split into a grid of nine sections; try to place your subject of interest where the imaginary grid lines would intersect for better compositions.

Avoid flash where possible

Flash can often be a trap, so if possible avoid it and instead allow your camera to have a higher exposure and take in more light.

Be aware of lighting

Be aware of the direction of lighting in your photos, eg. where the sun is and avoid allowing shadows to cut across the subject of your photo.


It’s not always possible to get the photo you want with a click of a button, so once you’re home have a go at editing. Whether using Photoshop or Instagram, you will learn that editing will not just enhance your image but may even transform your photo into a professional masterpiece.

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