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Go With A Purpose

Visit a place with a purpose other than being a tourist and ‘checking it off the list’. For example, perhaps you want to experience the music scene in Europe, or write poetry inspired by every state in the US, have a go at travel photography or understand how the Amish live. A unique purpose brings your journey to life and encourages you to create lasting memories, ultimately making your trip as unforgettable as the lyrics to your favorite song.

Join A Volunteer Program

A popular way of traveling without being a tourist is joining a volunteer program. You will actively participate in various activities together with people in your same program. Your day(s) will be productive and you will most likely begin new friendships with people from different cultures while spending time in an exciting country.

Get A Job

Get a job abroad and earn some money whilst you spend some quality time in a location. Options include working holiday visas, working at summer camps, being an au pair and teaching English. There is something for everyone - just do some research online and see what you fancy.

Live On The Road For A While

Pack your life up and travel; this looks different for every person but the main point is that you are living your life on the road for now and your roots are where you decide to put them at any chosen time.

Do As The Locals Do

Sometimes, the time a person sets apart to travel and do as they please is seen as a luxury and many people just don’t have it. So, this is the next best thing. First, traveling is an investment that should be protected. Purchase a trip cancellation plan through a travel insurance company in case you end up not having the time to take your trip. After booking and finally arriving to your destination, do your best to do as the locals do. Eat where they eat, visit the parks, walk the streets, do the things they’d do in their free time and most importantly - get to know some of the locals themselves!

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