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There’s a bunch of international festivals that travelers flock to each year, but we have whittled it down to 5 of the best.

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Holi Festival (Hindu regions including India, Sri Lanka and Nepal)

The Holi festival, aka the Festival of Colour, is celebrated each year by Hindus in various countries. It marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring by inviting everyone into the streets for what is essentially throwing coloured dye and powder at one another. It is a sight unlike anything else, and it’s great fun to join in too.

Sky Lantern Festival (Pingxi, Taiwan)

Every year people flock to Pingxi for the festival that inspired one of the key moments in Disney’s ‘Tangled’. Thousands of lanterns, with wishes written inside, are released into the sky and the sight of hundreds of these lanterns floating into the sky is breathtaking.

Carnevale (Venice, Italy)

This festival made its debut in the 13th century. It provides a spectacular set of celebrations inclusive of the ever famous Venetian masks. Locals and international visitors alike take part in this exquisite experience.

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (Harbin, China)

At -20° C, this is probably the coldest festival there is. It is home every year to sculptured masterpieces of snow and ice that can be anything from small sculptures of animals, all the way up to 250 foot buildings and monuments which simply have to be seen to be believed.

Carnaval (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

It would be impossible to write a list of international festivals without mentioning the world famous Rio Carnaval. A nonstop party of parades, dancers, Brazilian music, drumming and so much more - it is pretty much the pinnacle of the Brazilian party culture combined with a heart-stopping celebration of life. If you were having trouble deciding where your next journey should take you, any one of these countries can definitely provide you with unforgettable memories. So go and start booking flights, hotels, festival tickets and travel insurance to avoid losing money in an unfortunate case of cancellation. Whether you’re interested in attending one or all five festivals, you can insure multiple trips with one plan. Don’t forget to pack plenty of energy, you’ll need them for the extra-ordinary moments that will leave you breathless.

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