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The majority of people will opt for hostels or hotels for their travels, but there are many alternatives for those who want to try something a little different. Here are just 5 suggestions.

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If you’re interested in traveling to more than one place or prefer exploring at your own pace then renting a motorhome or RV may be the ideal option. It is great for both solo travelers and small groups. It offers a lot more freedom to move around than hotel bookings, while still having everything you need right at your disposal.

2.Religious Housing

Many people are not aware of the great accommodations that religious housing offers. European convents, Jewish lodgings in Israel, Asian monasteries - these places are not only rich in culture and history but also have rooms set aside for the very purpose of housing visitors. Whether you intend to spend time there or not, is entirely up to you. They are ideal for those who desire a relaxing, calm stay - although wild party-goers may want to give it a try at least once.


Sites like have taken off rapidly in the past couple of years. Staying in someone’s spare bedroom or on his or her sofa is an extremely affordable way to find a place to sleep as you travel around. This is great for solo travelers or those who do not need to spend more than a couple of nights in a location. You can also enjoy the benefits of temporarily living with a local who may enjoy showing you around.


There are various ways to camp out through your travels. Trek through Europe with a tent on your back or stay in a Mongalian Yurt for an entire week; You can stay somewhere as basic and remote or as modern and full of showers as you wish. Whichever method you prefer, camping is a fantastic option for those who enjoy getting in touch with nature.

5.Overnight Trains

Instead of spending money on both a hotel room and a train to commute the following day, kill two birds with one stone. Try traveling on overnight trains once or twice throughout your trip, this will help you save time and money that you can use to fit in more activities. This may be obvious suggestion but avoid overnight trains if you want to spend more than a day somewhere. You’ll definitely need to find another place to rest.

Although exploring the world is exciting, safety should always be at the top of your priority list. Safe travelers secure a couple of things. They are aware of their well-being before they decide to back-pack around Europe. Some or all of these alternatives may be too physically exerting for you or your family members so, making sure that any health needs will be accommodated during your stay in important. Monetary safety is also a concept that should also be taken care of before your departure. Purchasing travel insurance will help you avoid losing any money invested on your trip.

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